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We get the shots your camera can't.

Your project has an epic shot scripted into it that calls for beautiful, buttery, slow motion footage.  Unfortunately, your camera has limited, high frame rate capability - maxing out at 120 to 240 fps.  So, how can you get the shot?  Easy.  Bring us in.  Our Phantom® camera can shoot at over 2,500 fps in 1080p HD and almost 1,500 fps at 2.5K (2560 x 1600).  We'll shoot the scene - under your direction, ensuring your project is as perfect as you imagined it.

Quality matters.

Film and video projects need more than just amazing, slow-motion footage.  The footage also has to support the unique needs of a post-production environment.  We can provide your image data in a number of industry-standard formats including various RAW codecs.

Slow Motion for:

  • Films

  • Documentaries

  • TV Commercials

  • Marketing Videos

  • Training

  • Orientation

Output Options:


  • Apple ProRes (.MOV)

  • RAW & DNG

  • h.264 (.mp4)

  • Image Sequence